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Sunday, December 27, 2009

project done :)

finally done with baking!! hahaha :)
okey..extreamly b not very good in baking..but as my dearest abang request one big chocolate cake for gigihkn diri utk mmbuatnye..hehehe :D
owh..there'll be no picture of that cake as i'll posted together with tomorrow-after-date post..huhuhu :P

owh..i got the recipe from this :) actually sume recipe pun amik dr :)

p/s: 1st time hangus skit..sbb duk wt smbil borak2 ngn ibu..lupe nk ttup it ends up with cuppies..hehehe..2nd time bru leh wt yg sebijik..but sumhow still not perfect enough..*sigh* :(

nxt recipe shud be try on : pasta cabonara..yummy~~ :D

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