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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

macaroni & cheese

nice + less cheezy + lil bit hot = words can describe my macaroni & cheese :D
it's very good to enjoy it at home without going out to pizza hut just satisfy my cheezy appetite..hehehe :)

owh..okey..spttnyer wt tyme ina blk since i have promised her to make one for her but sgt craving nk mkn so xblh thn..wt gak mlm ni..hehehe..

ibu said : sedap..cuma kurang cheese..gne mozarella lg sdp kot *indeed* nnt printkn reccipe tuk ibu kn..sng ibu nk wt plk..hahaha :D

ayah said : sedapla ma asyik mkn western je..yg kampung nyer kne bljr gak..hohoho..*masakan kampung da terer la ayah!!hahaha :P*

nxt tyme kne beli cheddar ngn mozarella lg rse cheezy and should put less cili boh so it will not be too spicy..out of 10..i think i deserve 8..woohooo~~~ *perasan sedapla tuh :P*
i do some alteration on the original recipe..instead of using minced meat..i used some butter..parmesan cheese..pepper..daun sup...owh..i used san remo's penne..penne ni one type of macaroni gak kut..myb satu family ngn yg spiral tu gak..nxt tyme nk try yg spiral la..sbb ade kaler len2 spiral lg menarik tertarik tp x da bomb *owh..okey..ape ni??*

the ingredients..*gne cheesedale je la..hohoho*

the result..huhuhu ;)

that's all with 'chef at home channel 703' hahaha :D

 p/s: owh..rebus macaroni 2 cm style dlm channel afc 2..hohoho :P

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

having such a good time :D

at last!!! after 1 n half month..huhuhu :)) owh..rse sgt lme xjmpe bf sy..sgt da mkin'lebar'..rmbut da pendek..perut da mkin muncit :P miss u damn much dear~~ owh..okey..xtau nk start dr first we decided to go to mid as i think it's been a while not hanging around there..but then..switch plan..kte g O.U gak sbb xpnh lg dating kt 2..hehehe :D rse cm nk stared je lme2 muke my dearest abang..seyes sgt windu *owh..sorry klu ayt xtra geli..hehehe :P*
nothing extraordinary wif our date..just like those loving couple..watching muvies..having lunch together but still a very good time to be remembered :) kmi g nengok storm warriors kt gsc *the seat are much much more better than tgv even the popcorn is not as good as tgv's..well..thts the pros n cons*
owh..i warned him before that the movie was boring but he still insist to watch layankn je la bf sy time queuing 2 he asked me 'sayang ade nk tgk cite ape2 ke??bgtaula if ade cite yg sayang nk sgt tgk' hehehe..rse sebesalah la 2 sbb sayang xmo tgk storm warriors 2..hohoho :)
soo..storm warriors..bese2 je..action = good..storyline = lame..hahaha..lg rse pathetic ble ade 7 org je yg tgk cite 2 trmasukla kmi berdua..hahaha :P myb sbb cite 2 da lme kuar so xrmi yg lum tgk xpe..lg skit lg bgs..xbising..hahaha :D
actually we *to be exact is he* are boycotting McD as they are one of the Israel's rse sgt kepingin nk mkn prosperity burger yg best as he owes me a lets McD abang!! he said...okeyla..pengecualian utk prosperity burger..hahaha :D kdg2 mmg ssh nk elak mkn bnde yg kte da bias+suke mkn nih..haihh~~ tp prosperity burger mmg 2 thumbs up!! sos dia lg sedap dr blackpepper whopper kt burger king..hehehe :)

prosperity burger VS blackpepper whopper = prosperity win!!! :D

kul 4 lbih ktorg da gerak blk..awlkn??sbb nk g lwt baby hamizan kt hospital selayang..msuk ward on 27th sbb doctor detect ade kuman kt paru2 dia..poor g solat asar kt rmh abang first then rushed to hospital..sbb wk2 mlwt smpi kul 7 je..ngn memegang tgn haikal on my left while giding on my right..owhh..budak2 mmg sgt active..sgt tkt trpijak kaki dorg ngn wedges kayu yg aku pki..hohoho :) sgt suke memanjakn giding & haikal even abang da byk kali tgur jgn wt cm 2..nnt dorg ngade2 bile da bsr..hohoho...ape leh wt..da biasa memanjakn dri bdk2 nih..:)
done with the visiting..went back to abang's house..maghrib there..pas2 ayah datang jemput..owhh..hbs da wk2 sy bersama ngn si dia..:( next date??xdela kut..tggu nek sem nnt jela nmpknyer..nk 3g..skrin hp abang lak rosak..haihh~~~

 *"mata sia besar.." kata2 giding ble da tgk gmbr ni..hehehe :)*

baby hamizan: get well soon dear..aunty will pray for u..
giding&haikal: jgn nakal2..nnt pck john pukul gne hanger...hehehe :D
dearest abang: tenkiu so much for yesterday..1 day just not enough for me to be with u..xoxo

owh..lupe..he said my cake is very nice but byk sgt minyak..hehehe nxt time i bake one more cake for you k..a birthday cake myb?? :))
*cake yg da hmpir hancur sbb bwk tunggang langgang..hahaha :P*

Sunday, December 27, 2009

project done :)

finally done with baking!! hahaha :)
okey..extreamly b not very good in baking..but as my dearest abang request one big chocolate cake for gigihkn diri utk mmbuatnye..hehehe :D
owh..there'll be no picture of that cake as i'll posted together with tomorrow-after-date post..huhuhu :P

owh..i got the recipe from this :) actually sume recipe pun amik dr :)

p/s: 1st time hangus skit..sbb duk wt smbil borak2 ngn ibu..lupe nk ttup it ends up with cuppies..hehehe..2nd time bru leh wt yg sebijik..but sumhow still not perfect enough..*sigh* :(

nxt recipe shud be try on : pasta cabonara..yummy~~ :D

Sunday, December 20, 2009

kenduri kawin sana sini

musim cuti nih sumer org nk kwin..hohoho..sronok tgk org kwin nih..wt dri sndri rse nk kwin..rse berangan nk pki bju kaler ape kwin nnt..tema ape..kt mne, dewan or rumah *after da tgk sumer knduri kwin..rse nk wt respsi kt dewan je..senang..hahaha* n mcm2 sbnrnye keje kwin ni sgt penat~~seyes!! time angah kwin dlu da rse da..fuhh!! dr b4 mjlis smpila abis mjlis ade je keje seronok :) smlm je g 2 knduri kwin..jiran sblh umh, kak linda n kwn angah, kak plk dua pupu,kak pija kwin *ehh..dua pupu ke??hahaha..xsure la :P*

so this entry just wanna share some lovely pictures tp xbyk gmbr pgntin sbb camera fon limited skit memory dia..hehehe *ade alasan bli hp bru nih :D*  so..enjoy the pictures peeps!! :)

ni pelamin kak linda..nice rite??tema is..err..modern kut..sbb pgntin lelaki dia pki suit..but poor them..dorg berarak tyme hujan..even da baling baju pengantin kt atap pun hujan still trun..xpela..hujan rahmat :)

this one is persembahan gamelan..woohooo~~ 1st tyme nengok persembahan gamelan tyme knduri kwin..classic :)

this is our round table *ignorekn ina yg tgh melantak kt blkg tuh..huhuhu* 
one of the door gift is telur burung puyuh with the nest..very creative :)
they even have other door gift such as bunga telur, cupcake, goodies bag (this one just limited to their families and relatives) since we're just goody bag 2 xdptla..hehehe :D

this is at kak azlina wedding..held at dewan komuniti manjalara..*kte wt situ la nnt dear abang..huhuhu~~*
she is very2 slim!!! diet kot b4 the big day..
i wonder why all bride-to-be musti nk slim b4 their wedding..@_@

and this are items in that goody bag..berpjgn amaln kluarga dia dgn bg buku amalan surah2 pilihan nih..insyaallah..
box 2 mcm sme ngn angah nyer tyme wedding dia..nilai la 2..huhuhu..:P
cupcake = nice = i like :)

ni plk goody bag tyme kwin kak pija
lwk rsenyer ble caterer 2 ltk dorg nyer contact card on the table
myb kut ade org yg nk tempah dorg
but the food was very nice :)
*owh..yg blkg tuh my maklang n mak uda..interprem skali..huhuhu* sje nk ltk..1 lg best g knduri kwin ni sbb leh bgaya!!! *pathehickn?? hahaha :D*

owh..last but not burfday cake!! yeayy!!! :)

i love my tiramisu soo much..thanx dearest angah..xoxoxo :)

till then people ♥♥♥ ~~

Monday, December 14, 2009

22nd birthday~~~

people who wish me on my birthday...
dearest abang :) *sgt2 awl..he wish me on dec 13th because he said he will fall asleep b4 midnight..huhuhu..nvr mind dear* yan *wo de hao pengyou..ta changchang bu wang wo de shengri..xiexie yan!! :)* my big brother, along *prsent plz!!huhuhu* my x-plkn-mate, dian *we share same birthdate..huhuhu* nuly aka nas pnye awek *she wish me cpt kawen..hohoho* bank islam *hahaha..thru sms banking..rse cm lwk je* angah jiejie *xoxo* anna *another wo de hao pengyou :)* alang jiejie *xoxo..awl2 ckp xde present..huh :P* ibu *lurve u so much mummy* aina balqis *thru comment n fb..tenkiu :)* my dearest aunt & cuzin wanie *also thru fb..xiexie nimen :)* *aunt pun wish cpt kawen..hahaha :D* aina meimei *u r late..hohoho* ayah *he said..ayh lupela hr ni nrjd big deal dad~~*
thanks a lot u guys for remembering my birthday..hehehe..i am 22 years old now..huhuhu..big enough to get married..hahaha!!!even the number is increasing but me still behave childishly..hohoho..just don't know when i will start acting & thinking maturely..hmmm~~ what did i expected for this birthday??ermm...nothing i guess..huhuhu..just hoping that ALLAH pjgkn umur supaya dpt bls jasa ibu ayah, murahkan rezeki, permudahkan urusan pelajaran others..2 jela..da bsr ni rsenyer xdela nk expect birthday party+cake+lots of gift..biase2 je sudey...hehehe *walhal by tuesday angah will be back with cake+new mixer as my birthday present..yayy!!! :)* as im turning into 22 starting from today i would like to share 22 things about nurakmal hamzah :) 1: i love my bf very2 much..he just complete my just want to get married and hv a wonderful life with him..amin :) 2: i get out from my mum womb at 1.10am..poor ibu..that's ur sleeping tyme rite??hehehe ;) 3: while i was in ibu's womb..she had an accident with ayah..woohooo..that was when i only 3 month in her arwah nenek sgt takut if cucu dia cacat because of the incident..well..alhamdulillah..comel je cucu dia ni..hehehe :) 4: i'm the one & only child yg kne cukur jambul..yg lain x..hehehe..special kn?? :P 5: i'm so sume sbb ibu tyme mgandung dlu suke tgk crita OSHIN..sbb 2 la jd kenan..hehehe..smpi all my aunties+cousin called me amoi+anak jepun..hohoho.. 6: when i was young..i thought i was not really ayah's n ibu's daughter..thanks to angah and alang for creating such a *nice* story..they told me that i was switched with a Chinese lady's daughter while ibu n her in the same hospital..hahaha..jahatkn dorg?? :) 7: i am not-so-socialized some time..i thought i am a geek without a spec..hahaha..*is it a geek really need to wear spec??* 8: i love to sleep *apela anak dara nih..hehehe* if it is a day off..i will sleep until noon..hahaha..*sorry dear abang..ur future wife loves bed very2 much :P* 9: currently..i love to bake n try sumthing in my.resepi..hehehe..i've baked 3 cakes so far plus 2 types of ice-cream, strawberry and oreo flavour..oreo flavour is SUPERB!!!even ayah who not a chocolate-type like it very much..hehehe.. 10: i have this selimut in colour..just feel soo comfort when i sleep with it..:) *pecah rhsia..hahaha* 11: on the last birthday..i got bracelet from dearest abang..:) and teddy-bear named moo-moo from lil sis aine..hehehe..i wonder what will i get for this year??*wink2* 12: i also a skema-type person..hohoho..afraid to break the rules but sumhow really wanna try it sumday ;) 13: i've once ring the emergency bell when i was in secondary..hahaha..jahat kn??sje nk try ttbe loceng bunyi plk..fortunately tyme 2 da mmg nak balik nobody noticed..hahaha :p 14: at this age..i hv no driving license yet..huhuhu..poor me :( just hoping i will get one before grad.. 15: i do love shawl very2 much!!! just dunno how to get rid of my eyes from those lovely n colourful shawl..hahaha :P smpi dearest abang pun da fed-up nk larang..hehehe..sorry dear~~ 16: i'm a petite height just around 148cm..i'm a lil shortie rite??'s good to be petite so people will think that you are much more younger that your real age..hehehe :P 17: i'm very looking forward to diet..huhuhu..i need to exercise so my weight will be i'm 50kg..owh~~i need to lose this extra 5 kg.. 18: me love to shopping with my sisters..hehehe..we're soo good with it :) 3hour of shopping is not enough for us..i guess..hahaha :D 19: sangat takut dgn air yang dlm..sumenyer sbb pnh lemas tyme kecik dlu..fobia!!! 20: always having problem in choosing nice outfit..just dunno which one tht fit me best..huhuhu~~plus every jeans that i bought..sumer nyer kne potong..sbb terlebih pjg..hahaha :D 21: love to spend time with dearest abang by watching movies..we even go to movie while study week..hehehe :p 22: last but not least..i'm such a big spender!!!hahaha..sgt x pndi berjimat :P
that all i guess for now..need to get up early tomorrow..have to go to dentist for this braces thing..nite2~~
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