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Thursday, January 21, 2010

terpanggil untuk ini....

wrote this post at 2.11 networking website has been such a place for people to throw every things that they thought of..and yes it is free to say anything about everything that you want but please..dont say things that will offense other people's feeling...even you are not pointing on the exact people but the moment "that people" read those comment that you posted on..they absolutely will be hurt...

plus..dont jump through a conclusion directly after you have listen to one side never know what story behind the other side.. .we never know which side is telling the it is better to BACK-OFF or try to listen to the second side..

family matters should be solved within family..couple matters should be solved within the couple themselves..other people around..i'm telling you ONCE AGAIN TO BACK-OFF!! dont make the situation more complicated by giving your pointless just making the condition even worse..

my advise to that person..plz..think back what you have done..people never live without mistake..but people can deal with you love the one that you love..try to solved your problem without anyone interference..take your time+think wisely before taking any move..if you are the one that caused the dont drag other people to be involved in your problem too..unless you are A COWARD rite??

enough with giving my thoughts..just discover this..blogging is such a good therapy..hehehe :)

*this is my blog so i'm free to throw every feelings that i have right now..but comments are welcomed..hehehe :P*
*owh..plz correct me if any of my statement above if totally wrong*

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

casing & x-ray sessions

1st appointment goes well even casing for upper teeth still not done yet..hohoho...thank you very much to dentist-to-be: aznem n guys are so patient and gentle when dealing with my teeth...hehehe :) gud2..cmnila dentist yg kte mau :D

dearest abang, ana and apis pun follow skali..smpi xray & casing pun dorg ikut..hehehe..
xray session okey..rse nk ktwa tgk gg sndri..hahaha :P gg geraham yg hujung tumbuh melintang!!omg!!sgt len tumbuh horizontally..:D klu la leh copy xray 2..nk je post kt ni..huhuhu.. skull sgt cumel :)) sgt kecik..hehehe..dearest abang ckp mcm ade sudu at my front teeth ble tgk xray 2..jht!!tp ble tgk betul gak..huhuhu :P

so..done with xray..went to treatment room for casing time..all the way to treatment room ana duk cite psl dia pasang casing ari 2 sakit..owhh!!da rse cm takut..xmo klu sakit..:(
but both aznem & arni are so good..they treat me so nice & gentle..*credit 2 them..hehehe*

believe or not..they need to case my upper teeth 5 times to get the whole structure..but still xdpt2 gak..hahaha..cian dorg + my mouth 2..hohoho..byk kali wt rse skt sbb tray dia bsr..mulut cm kecik *kecik ke??hahaha* so since kul 12 pun still xsettla plus they need to rush to treatment need to postpone..hohoho..glad??xla..rse klu leh nk je cpt abis wt casing cpt leh pki pendakap gg besi..hahaha :))

owh..jd dgn bestnyer sy memonteng klas society..hahaha..1st day class da ponteng..cmne nih??haihh~~
so nxt appoinment??ntahla..tggu dentist aznem text me nnt..hehehe :)

Friday, January 1, 2010


er ling yi ling = 2010
ape yek ade ngn 2010??
it's myb just a number..but sumhow it will be full with lots of new wishes

azam sye:

- kurangkan online shopping..hahaha..klula mmpu ;P

- kurangkan tido..tolongla nurakmal..jdla sumone yg active *okeyh!!ill try*

- work extra hard for this 2 semesters..especially those reading subjects * not very good in memorizing*

- owh..naikkn pointer saya..musti!! even a slight increase pown okey :)

- kumpul duit ngn bf saya so xdela end of semester jd miskin...hahaha..

- owh..kne kurangkan berdating as dating = money =*blehke wt ni?? :P*

- kne bersungguh2 wt fyp..if not my lovely dr.wardah mrh..hahaha..*okow..xstart lg tp wednesday da kne tnjuk kt dia :( *

- kurangkan berat bdn *ini sgt2 kne wt!!*

- hoping that ayah will be fine before+after his operation *ill pray for u dad..luv ya*

- save more than 1k into my ASB account

azam john: nnt sye tnye ngn dia..hohoho ;)

2 je la kot rsenyer..tulis byk2 pun mkin xsume yg tercapai but still ill try very hard to achieve all these above..insyaALLAH..

p/s: get well soon dear abang as class will start on this monday..*owh..sgt mls nk g klas* cant wait 2 celebrate ur birthday together abang~~

p/s 2: shud stop now because i'm not done yet with packing up my things..hohoho :P

owh..sshla nk update blog nnt ble da nek sem :(
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