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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

macaroni & cheese

nice + less cheezy + lil bit hot = words can describe my macaroni & cheese :D
it's very good to enjoy it at home without going out to pizza hut just satisfy my cheezy appetite..hehehe :)

owh..okey..spttnyer wt tyme ina blk since i have promised her to make one for her but sgt craving nk mkn so xblh thn..wt gak mlm ni..hehehe..

ibu said : sedap..cuma kurang cheese..gne mozarella lg sdp kot *indeed* nnt printkn reccipe tuk ibu kn..sng ibu nk wt plk..hahaha :D

ayah said : sedapla ma asyik mkn western je..yg kampung nyer kne bljr gak..hohoho..*masakan kampung da terer la ayah!!hahaha :P*

nxt tyme kne beli cheddar ngn mozarella lg rse cheezy and should put less cili boh so it will not be too spicy..out of 10..i think i deserve 8..woohooo~~~ *perasan sedapla tuh :P*
i do some alteration on the original recipe..instead of using minced meat..i used some butter..parmesan cheese..pepper..daun sup...owh..i used san remo's penne..penne ni one type of macaroni gak kut..myb satu family ngn yg spiral tu gak..nxt tyme nk try yg spiral la..sbb ade kaler len2 spiral lg menarik tertarik tp x da bomb *owh..okey..ape ni??*

the ingredients..*gne cheesedale je la..hohoho*

the result..huhuhu ;)

that's all with 'chef at home channel 703' hahaha :D

 p/s: owh..rebus macaroni 2 cm style dlm channel afc 2..hohoho :P


Aina Belle said...

byk tol try masakan cuti ni amal... blatih nak jadi suri rumah eh? tp nape byk western food? next time try malay food tau

john n amal said...

hr2 duk mgadap intenet..aku tryla sume recipe yg sng..hohoho..john=nme aku kne msk omputih je nnt..hahaha *apekahh??*

Aina Belle said...

tol gak ek. john nama org putih. makanan kena western. ewah kau. bg alasan. hahaha

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