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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

having such a good time :D

at last!!! after 1 n half month..huhuhu :)) owh..rse sgt lme xjmpe bf sy..sgt da mkin'lebar'..rmbut da pendek..perut da mkin muncit :P miss u damn much dear~~ owh..okey..xtau nk start dr first we decided to go to mid as i think it's been a while not hanging around there..but then..switch plan..kte g O.U gak sbb xpnh lg dating kt 2..hehehe :D rse cm nk stared je lme2 muke my dearest abang..seyes sgt windu *owh..sorry klu ayt xtra geli..hehehe :P*
nothing extraordinary wif our date..just like those loving couple..watching muvies..having lunch together but still a very good time to be remembered :) kmi g nengok storm warriors kt gsc *the seat are much much more better than tgv even the popcorn is not as good as tgv's..well..thts the pros n cons*
owh..i warned him before that the movie was boring but he still insist to watch layankn je la bf sy time queuing 2 he asked me 'sayang ade nk tgk cite ape2 ke??bgtaula if ade cite yg sayang nk sgt tgk' hehehe..rse sebesalah la 2 sbb sayang xmo tgk storm warriors 2..hohoho :)
soo..storm warriors..bese2 je..action = good..storyline = lame..hahaha..lg rse pathetic ble ade 7 org je yg tgk cite 2 trmasukla kmi berdua..hahaha :P myb sbb cite 2 da lme kuar so xrmi yg lum tgk xpe..lg skit lg bgs..xbising..hahaha :D
actually we *to be exact is he* are boycotting McD as they are one of the Israel's rse sgt kepingin nk mkn prosperity burger yg best as he owes me a lets McD abang!! he said...okeyla..pengecualian utk prosperity burger..hahaha :D kdg2 mmg ssh nk elak mkn bnde yg kte da bias+suke mkn nih..haihh~~ tp prosperity burger mmg 2 thumbs up!! sos dia lg sedap dr blackpepper whopper kt burger king..hehehe :)

prosperity burger VS blackpepper whopper = prosperity win!!! :D

kul 4 lbih ktorg da gerak blk..awlkn??sbb nk g lwt baby hamizan kt hospital selayang..msuk ward on 27th sbb doctor detect ade kuman kt paru2 dia..poor g solat asar kt rmh abang first then rushed to hospital..sbb wk2 mlwt smpi kul 7 je..ngn memegang tgn haikal on my left while giding on my right..owhh..budak2 mmg sgt active..sgt tkt trpijak kaki dorg ngn wedges kayu yg aku pki..hohoho :) sgt suke memanjakn giding & haikal even abang da byk kali tgur jgn wt cm 2..nnt dorg ngade2 bile da bsr..hohoho...ape leh wt..da biasa memanjakn dri bdk2 nih..:)
done with the visiting..went back to abang's house..maghrib there..pas2 ayah datang jemput..owhh..hbs da wk2 sy bersama ngn si dia..:( next date??xdela kut..tggu nek sem nnt jela nmpknyer..nk 3g..skrin hp abang lak rosak..haihh~~~

 *"mata sia besar.." kata2 giding ble da tgk gmbr ni..hehehe :)*

baby hamizan: get well soon dear..aunty will pray for u..
giding&haikal: jgn nakal2..nnt pck john pukul gne hanger...hehehe :D
dearest abang: tenkiu so much for yesterday..1 day just not enough for me to be with u..xoxo

owh..lupe..he said my cake is very nice but byk sgt minyak..hehehe nxt time i bake one more cake for you k..a birthday cake myb?? :))
*cake yg da hmpir hancur sbb bwk tunggang langgang..hahaha :P*

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