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Monday, December 14, 2009

22nd birthday~~~

people who wish me on my birthday...
dearest abang :) *sgt2 awl..he wish me on dec 13th because he said he will fall asleep b4 midnight..huhuhu..nvr mind dear* yan *wo de hao pengyou..ta changchang bu wang wo de shengri..xiexie yan!! :)* my big brother, along *prsent plz!!huhuhu* my x-plkn-mate, dian *we share same birthdate..huhuhu* nuly aka nas pnye awek *she wish me cpt kawen..hohoho* bank islam *hahaha..thru sms banking..rse cm lwk je* angah jiejie *xoxo* anna *another wo de hao pengyou :)* alang jiejie *xoxo..awl2 ckp xde present..huh :P* ibu *lurve u so much mummy* aina balqis *thru comment n fb..tenkiu :)* my dearest aunt & cuzin wanie *also thru fb..xiexie nimen :)* *aunt pun wish cpt kawen..hahaha :D* aina meimei *u r late..hohoho* ayah *he said..ayh lupela hr ni nrjd big deal dad~~*
thanks a lot u guys for remembering my birthday..hehehe..i am 22 years old now..huhuhu..big enough to get married..hahaha!!!even the number is increasing but me still behave childishly..hohoho..just don't know when i will start acting & thinking maturely..hmmm~~ what did i expected for this birthday??ermm...nothing i guess..huhuhu..just hoping that ALLAH pjgkn umur supaya dpt bls jasa ibu ayah, murahkan rezeki, permudahkan urusan pelajaran others..2 jela..da bsr ni rsenyer xdela nk expect birthday party+cake+lots of gift..biase2 je sudey...hehehe *walhal by tuesday angah will be back with cake+new mixer as my birthday present..yayy!!! :)* as im turning into 22 starting from today i would like to share 22 things about nurakmal hamzah :) 1: i love my bf very2 much..he just complete my just want to get married and hv a wonderful life with him..amin :) 2: i get out from my mum womb at 1.10am..poor ibu..that's ur sleeping tyme rite??hehehe ;) 3: while i was in ibu's womb..she had an accident with ayah..woohooo..that was when i only 3 month in her arwah nenek sgt takut if cucu dia cacat because of the incident..well..alhamdulillah..comel je cucu dia ni..hehehe :) 4: i'm the one & only child yg kne cukur jambul..yg lain x..hehehe..special kn?? :P 5: i'm so sume sbb ibu tyme mgandung dlu suke tgk crita OSHIN..sbb 2 la jd kenan..hehehe..smpi all my aunties+cousin called me amoi+anak jepun..hohoho.. 6: when i was young..i thought i was not really ayah's n ibu's daughter..thanks to angah and alang for creating such a *nice* story..they told me that i was switched with a Chinese lady's daughter while ibu n her in the same hospital..hahaha..jahatkn dorg?? :) 7: i am not-so-socialized some time..i thought i am a geek without a spec..hahaha..*is it a geek really need to wear spec??* 8: i love to sleep *apela anak dara nih..hehehe* if it is a day off..i will sleep until noon..hahaha..*sorry dear abang..ur future wife loves bed very2 much :P* 9: currently..i love to bake n try sumthing in my.resepi..hehehe..i've baked 3 cakes so far plus 2 types of ice-cream, strawberry and oreo flavour..oreo flavour is SUPERB!!!even ayah who not a chocolate-type like it very much..hehehe.. 10: i have this selimut in colour..just feel soo comfort when i sleep with it..:) *pecah rhsia..hahaha* 11: on the last birthday..i got bracelet from dearest abang..:) and teddy-bear named moo-moo from lil sis aine..hehehe..i wonder what will i get for this year??*wink2* 12: i also a skema-type person..hohoho..afraid to break the rules but sumhow really wanna try it sumday ;) 13: i've once ring the emergency bell when i was in secondary..hahaha..jahat kn??sje nk try ttbe loceng bunyi plk..fortunately tyme 2 da mmg nak balik nobody noticed..hahaha :p 14: at this age..i hv no driving license yet..huhuhu..poor me :( just hoping i will get one before grad.. 15: i do love shawl very2 much!!! just dunno how to get rid of my eyes from those lovely n colourful shawl..hahaha :P smpi dearest abang pun da fed-up nk larang..hehehe..sorry dear~~ 16: i'm a petite height just around 148cm..i'm a lil shortie rite??'s good to be petite so people will think that you are much more younger that your real age..hehehe :P 17: i'm very looking forward to diet..huhuhu..i need to exercise so my weight will be i'm 50kg..owh~~i need to lose this extra 5 kg.. 18: me love to shopping with my sisters..hehehe..we're soo good with it :) 3hour of shopping is not enough for us..i guess..hahaha :D 19: sangat takut dgn air yang dlm..sumenyer sbb pnh lemas tyme kecik dlu..fobia!!! 20: always having problem in choosing nice outfit..just dunno which one tht fit me best..huhuhu~~plus every jeans that i bought..sumer nyer kne potong..sbb terlebih pjg..hahaha :D 21: love to spend time with dearest abang by watching movies..we even go to movie while study week..hehehe :p 22: last but not least..i'm such a big spender!!!hahaha..sgt x pndi berjimat :P
that all i guess for now..need to get up early tomorrow..have to go to dentist for this braces thing..nite2~~


Aina Belle said...

hey amal. hepi birthday... hehehehe..
btw... g amek lesen ye cik kak... da nk grad da pon nih.

john n amal said...

tenkiu aina :)
bpk aku ckp..lps dgree bru leh amek..huwaaa!!
tpksela aku kumpul duit skg nih..wt sndri..hehehe ;)

Daud Mili said...

selamat hari lahir jugak....~

john n amal said...

hohoho..belated da pun :P tenkiu nway daud :)

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