kesayangan saya :))

Sunday, April 18, 2010

next attraction

mse tgk clash of the titans hr 2 da tgk trailer dia..

so nxt movies 4 next 2 month will be..

IRON MAN 2 *ngamla 2 kn..30hb paper..ptg 2 gak tgk cte nih..:))*

THE pun cm best gak :D

**nxt 1st paper will be on thrusday..but until now..1 mende pun xsentuh..hahaha..currently sgt xde mood nk stdy..huhuhu ;)
**7 out of 10..wohoo!!tenkiu dear :)) ade chance gmukla en koibito sye ble kwin nnt..hahaha :P

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