kesayangan saya :))

Friday, November 20, 2009

sleep tight dear~~

just 4 few minutes b4 i go to bed..dearest abg..i really100x luv hear to your sound when you're's soooooo sweet..owh~~~ :)) u sleep so soundly just like a baby..i don't even mind 2 hear it all nite long until i fall asleep but that might cost our fon bill much more..hehehe.. cant wait 2 see ur face while you're sleeping..gosh!! u must be very sweet & adorable..but obviusly i need 2 wait untill we get married rite??hehehe :P abg dear..just a little confession..i'm truly, deeply in love wif u..mmmmuuuuaahhh..xoxo :) nite2 my cuppycake :)

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