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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

happy anniversary to both of us~~~

actually it's happy belated anniversary...wuwuwu..we both missed the day :,( me set the date on the fon wrongly..owhh~~~it's Nov 22nd but i set in on Dec 22nd..dear abg..i'm so sorry..felt so miserable n sad thinking that we missed our 1st anniversary..wuwuwu..he asked me on last night "sayang..smlm kte pnye ape??then i answered...not smlmla's nxt month...not this month..hehehe.." then today i realized i am the one who wrong...owhhhhhh~~~~~~~~dearie abang...i am extreamly sorry..plz accept my apology..i been waiting for the day so long...:(
well..lets take from the bright sight.. so now we have been 1 year 2 days glad that our relationship is growing wif all the loves around :) semoga our relationship di berkati ALLAH n berpanjagan hingga ke jinjang pelamin n akhir hayat..AMIN... abang.. i do love u so much..i even love u more than i love myself..i feel lost when u are not around abang..u know how much i need u even a second..u are the most precious thing that i will never ever let go even once..thank you so much dear for giving me your love, time, kesabaran n evrything..tenkiu so much dear.. abang...happy 1st anniversary n sayang love abang sooo muuuchhh...mmmmmmmuuuuaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh :*

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