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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

2012 today???

mlm ni ble ayah bg green light nk g tgk ngn cptnye trus g mndi n siap2..yaahuu!!!slme ni xpnh2 ayh nk bg tgk muvie mlm2 + ni 1st tyme me nk tgk late nite muvie..seriously excited!!! :D
all the way to TGV Kepong rse sgt2 last ade gak pluang nk tgk 2012..hehehe..smpikn nk je sruh ayah speed sbb show starts at 9.20pm..8.30pm bru nk gerak dr rmh..dgn selambe tiket x book..dgn hrpn xrmi yg g tgk movie kt c2..huhuhu~~~ sharp 8.45pm smpi kt J.J..ktorg (me+ina+alang) jln dgn kadar yg sgt cpt (da standby pakai flat sandal sbb sng nk lari..hahaha..poor alang...she wore high heels..kekeke) then ble da smpi kt sne..OMG!!!!!2012 TODAY SOLD OUT!!!!!sgt1000x frustrated...:(..(ina ckp TGV Kepong sgt2 LOSER!!! for nite showing ader 4 movies jer - 2012, astro boy, christmas arol n senario...bluuweeekk to TGV Kepong!!!we should go to O.U...*sigh*
pic is not really TGV Kepong
well..ape leh wt..mmg bkn rezki kmi...rse cm nk tgk 2012 on the last day showing..leh x??sbb xmo da jd cm 2..huhuhuhu~~~nxt tyme xmo terlampau excited...nnt sure xjd..(npe slalu cm 2 yek??hurrmmm..) that's all wif 2012..we were warned..(apakahh??) dearie bf is not very well 2day..dmm + skt pale + skt2 bdn + moody = poor u dear need to say sorry dear..i don't really mind..u still my cuppycake even u are not in a good mood :) love u always dear n get well soon..hugs & kisses from me..xoxoxo :*

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